Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Binary Numbers - How it all began

My dad started teaching me about a month ago and he started with binary. I liked doing it so he decided to teach me everything he knew. After I got the point of binary we started hex.It was very fun!So we had classes in the mornings. After about 2 weeks he taught me about the registers inside
a computer and how they work. I also started an account on typing web so I'm learning how to type.
Then he taught me how to do math problems using the registers. Then he taught me how to use RAM.

In binary there is only 2 digits 0, and 1. You will get mixed up if you don't know that. The thing is in
normal counting you have ten digits before you overlap 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 in binary it's the same
thing except you only have 2 digits.In normal counting you have the 1's column, the 10's column, the
100's column,and the 1000's column. In binary it's the same thing except there's the 1's column, the
2's column, the 4's column, and the 8's column. Just like in decimal (normal counting) you add the
digits column by column. For example: 1010 binary equals 10 decimal because there is zero 1's,one 2,zero 4's,and one 8.

This is how you count in binary to 10.
This is how you convert (change it into) a
binary number into a decimal number.


For example:

 1101 converts to

 1 1 0 1

This is how you convert a decimal number to a binary number.

12 converts to

1  1  0  0

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